3D diagnosis of the skin

Skin composition and structure
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Clinic Medi offers computerized skin diagnosis in three dimensions with the latest 7th generation device – VISIA. The program classifies the skin type and determines existing problems with 100% accuracy. Problems are identified both on the surface of the skin and in its deeper layers.

Using this technology, a detailed scan of the facial skin is performed, revealing the general condition of the skin and its biological age. The presence of pigment spots and bacteria under the skin is also detected. Existing defects are identified, including spots on the surface of the skin, wrinkles, skin structure, pores, spots caused by UV rays such as brown spots, and redness on the skin.

Based on the results obtained from the scan, it is determined what types of signs of aging will appear in the future (wrinkles, capillaries, pigment spots, etc.) and how they can be prevented. The aging process can be significantly slowed down with the correct treatment prescribed after consultation with the doctor at Medi clinic.

The procedure (analysis) is painless and lasts for 40 minutes.



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Frequently asked questions

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