Professional teeth cleaning

Cleaning tooth tissue from soft, pigmented and dense plaques
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Why is it desirable to remove plaque? As a result of cleaning, the tooth tissue returns to its natural color. Bleeding from the gums decreases, and the unpleasant smell from the mouth disappears. Additionally, professional hygiene is the best prevention for caries, gum diseases, and ensures the longevity of existing dentures.
The procedure involves the removal of soft, pigmented, and dense plaques of tooth tissue using ultra-modern equipment.

What stages does unprofessional cleaning consist of? Professional cleaning is performed using two devices: Piezon Master and Air Flow.

At the first stage of the procedure, solid plaque is removed from the teeth through ultrasound and a jet of antiseptic solution, while pigmented plaque is cleaned with a special powder delivered under pressure to hard-to-reach places. In the next stage, the tooth surface is polished with special rubbers, brushes, and abrasive pastes. The procedure is completed with remineralization therapy – the application of fluoride-containing preparations.

How much tooth enamel is damaged? With these devices, tooth tissue is cleaned without causing any damage to the tooth enamel, and the natural color of the tooth returns.

How often is the procedure recommended? To maintain healthy teeth, it is recommended to have a professional mouth cleaning every 4-6 months.

How long does the procedure take? The duration of the procedure is 40 minutes.

Does the procedure have side effects? The procedure has no side effects. When removing deeply located plaques and stones, slight irritation of the gums is possible, which will fully recover in 1-2 days. Immediately after the procedure, the patient can return to their usual rhythm of life.

Does the procedure require anesthesia? The procedure does not require injection anesthesia. Surface anesthesia is performed using a special gel.




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