Mantis - unique innovative weight loss technology
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It is the latest non-invasive method of skin care. using the so-called endo-massage and an active pulsed magnetic field. The internal tissue metabolism is improved thanks to a vacuum massage and magnetic fields; it also stimulates the immune system and aids the regeneration of connective tissues and muscles. Vacuum endo-massage combines vacuum skin treatment and massage using rotating cylinders. It activates microcirculation and opens lymph channels, osmotic exchange is restored and tissues are properly oxygenated. This then stimulates fibroblasts.

A pulsed magnetic field uses a low-frequency range of the magnetic field that stimulates the cell membranes, ion exchange; it helps cells absorb the necessary nutrients. The insides of the cells are exposed to the formation of ATP, which is an essential cell nutrient that gives it energy. There is an increase in blood flow and stimulation of fibroblasts, on the treated tissue, immediately after the treatment. This represents a significant strengthening and toning effect on tissues, as well as the stability of the results achieved. Thus the boosted metabolism helps flush out all toxic substances. They are sent to the kidneys, and other organs, to be removed while supplying oxygen, which is so necessary to tissues. Thanks to the action of the dual mechanism, the treatment provides unique and stunning results.

The treatment by the MANTIS MR device is unique mainly because of the combination of vacuum endo-massage together with an active pulse magnetic field. The spectrum of use is also unique including:

  • Anti-aging effect
  • Slowing down or even stopping the aging process
  • Local activation of lipolytic processes
  • Antioxidant function
  • Increasing the amount of hyaluronic acid, fibroblasts and tissue elasticity
  • Improving immunity and microcirculation



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Frequently asked questions

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