ZOOM 4 teeth whitening

The latest teeth whitening technology in just 1 visit
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Zoom 4 represents the latest teeth-whitening technology in modern dentistry. For the most effective and, most importantly, safe result, a cold beam of a special LED lamp is used during the procedure, which prevents overheating (damage) of tooth tissue and surrounding structures.

What stages does the teeth whitening procedure consist of?

A special protective coating is applied to the gums, then a whitening gel is applied to the enamel, which is activated by an intense light beam.

The method includes two types of procedures:

1.In the doctor’s office (office bleaching)

2.At home (whitening using individual trays)

After office whitening, which lasts for 1 hour, teeth can become whiter by 4-8 shades.

How often is the procedure desirable?

If you follow the dentist’s advice after the whitening procedure, the result can be maintained for many years.

What are the advantages of Zoom 4?

1.The safest among similar methods

2.Most comfortable for the patient

3.Exceptionally high effect and lasting results




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Frequently asked questions

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