Children’s Dentistry

Clinic Medi offers a full range of services in the field of children's dentistry
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A child’s first visit to the dentist is very important. The first impression and experience are crucial because it is the first visit that determines the child’s subsequent attitude towards oral care. Proper hygiene and dental treatment starting at an early age of children contributes to the correct and healthy formation of the jaw-dental system.

Before the first visit of a small patient to the dentist, it is necessary to prepare him psychologically with a family member, and during the visit, the doctor should inform him correctly about the manipulations to be performed and the expected sensations. It is necessary for the parent and the doctor to work together to create a positive attitude of the child. In addition, the doctors of the Medi Clinic pay special attention to increasing the level of awareness of children and teaching them to observe oral hygiene norms.

What services does Medi Clinic offer to children?
Clinic Medi, in the direction of children’s dentistry, offers a full range of services: Caries treatment of teeth (including colored cavities)
Sealing of newly cut permanent teeth (covering the surface of the tooth with a protective layer) Professional cleaning (see professional cleaning for details)
Orthodontic services (plates, braces. See orthodontics for details)

From what age is it recommended to plan the first visit to the dentist?
Premature extraction of milk teeth in many cases changes the position of permanent teeth, which leads to occlusal disorders. In order to avoid the mentioned problem, it is recommended to plan the first visit to the dentist from an early age – 3 years.



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