Laser epilation

Epilation with alexandrite laser
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Laser epilation using an alexandrite laser is the only hair removal procedure certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as provably efficient. The treatment is very fast, thanks to a special skin cooling system right before and after the laser impulse, it is also painless and is truly permanent.

How does it work? Alexandrite laser beam targets hair bulbs to destroy them, making it impossible for any more hair to grow afterward. Do not get it mixed up with depilation wherein it is only a surface hair removal treatment. Epilation is the total removal of hair by destroying the hair bulb.

Laser epilation is one of many methods to get rid of unwanted hair; however, no other method is as safe and reliable, and most importantly – no other method is as permanent. The first results are visible right after the initial treatment – up to 80 % of the hair you had will no longer regrow. Why only 80 %? The laser only targets hair in the so-called growth phase but there is also an idle phase, which the laser is not focused on. The treatment then has to be repeated approximately 3 – 4 more times before the complete hair removal can be achieved. Thanks to its beneficial effect on the skin, the laser hair removal method will also help you to considerably smoother and softer skin.


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