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ORTHOPHOS XG 3D - three-dimensional dental tomogram
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One of the important priorities of the “Medi” clinic is the implementation of the latest technologies. Therefore, following the unique computer technology of ceramic restoration, CEREC AC, we present the latest orthopantomography diagnostic device, ORTHOPHOS XG 3D.

Three-dimensional dental tomography is a technology of the latest generation, which is a novelty not only for the Caucasus but also for some European countries. Previously, not only at “Medi” but also in other clinics, panoramic tomograms were used, which only captured the anterior and posterior bridges. This device allows us to obtain a three-dimensional reflection of the entire jaw, face, and skull of the patient.

In modern dental practice, we face daily challenges such as inflammation after grinding the roots of the tooth, inflammation of the oral mucosa (periodontitis, periodontosis), and the widespread use of dental implants leading to numerous complications caused by mistakes made by doctors. Many more examples can be cited from dental practice, but they all relate to the fact that specialists often work “blindly.” A complete picture of the patient’s tissue condition can only be seen during the 3-dimensional modeling and planning of the intervention.

When processing the root system of the tooth canals, it is often very branched, and every branch must be seen, processed, and applied. Even a small mistake can cause inflammation or a cyst to remain in the area of infection. Orthopantomography is particularly important in the area of implantation and restoration of lost bone tissue volume. Details such as the location, length, and diameter, as well as the type of load that should be given to the implant, can be determined after orthopantomography.

Moreover, it is crucial not to damage vital areas during implantation, such as the roots of healthy teeth, the lower and upper jaw, and the nerve tissues of the head. All of these can be observed and planned with micron precision using the ORTHOPHOS XG 3D SIRONA orthopantomograph, specifically designed for dentistry. Scanning with this machine takes only a few seconds, and micron accuracy allows us to see all the details of the dental system structure. Specialized dental programs help us correctly select an implant for the specific clinical situation and plan the course of its implantation operation.

The procedure is safe for both adult and pediatric patients. The ORTHOPHOS XG 3D by the German company SIRONA is a world leader in the production of high-tech dental equipment. SIRONA can be proud of the impeccable quality of the manufactured equipment and the offered service, aligning with the main goal of the “Medi” clinic: to meet even the most demanding requirements of our patients!



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