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Periodontium is the tissue around the tooth (the gum, the jawbone, the fibrous tissue etc.) which ensures fixation of the tooth and its functionality in everyday life.


Gingivitis can be accompanied by various uncomfortable feelings and occurrences, such as gum bleeding, gum swelling or pain. Such symptoms usually aren’t too aggressive, which often makes the patient hesitant to visit the dentist.
If the patient ignores the initial symptoms and doesn’t consult their situation with the dentist, gingivitis can develop its hypertrophic form. The gums turn red and hurt when touched. The patient usually struggles with teeth brushing and dental hygiene at this stage, which leads to excessive plaque accumulation and bad breath. The patient also feels pain while consuming hot, cold or spicy foods or drinks.
Periodontitis is a very common periodontal disease. It involves progressive loss of the bone around the teeth, and if left untreated, can lead to the loosening and subsequent loss of teeth as the surrounding tissue is no longer able to hold them. Periodontitis is caused by micro-organisms penetrating the gum and damaging the ligaments and the bone tissue.


Only modern methods of contemporary dentistry are being used at our clinic, including the newest techniques of periodontal treatment using ultrasound and a special medical laser. This enables our specialists to treat even very complicated cases with good results.

Any periodontal treatment generally means precise and thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums and removing all sediments and inflammatory centres using manual methods, ultrasound or laser. In advanced stages of various diseases, it is often necessary to regenerate the bone using a special bone-grafting technique.

Indication of any treatment depends mostly on the state of the patient’s oral cavity and on the dentist’s recommendation.



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