Caries treatment

Demineralization and softening of hard tooth tissues
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Every avalanche starts with a single snowflake. The same thing can be applied in dentistry, too. Every serious problem starts with a detail – improper dental hygiene, excess of bacteria in your mouth, the development of dental caries. If you let it be, however, the caries can cause you some serious trouble – dental pulp infection, problems with root canals, periodontal disease etc. Even the smallest problem needs to be solved in time.


Dental caries development is fueled by improper dental hygiene. It is a breakdown of hard tissue of the tooth due to activities of bacteria on the food debris or sugar left on the tooth surface after eating. Such bacteria produce acids and such acids cause demineralization of the tooth enamel, which is how caries develops.

At first, the damage of the tooth is mild, as the caries develops and proceeds in dentin, the problems become more serious. If not treated in time, caries can cause the loss of the tooth and the development of periodontal disease.


Emerging and surface dental caries in tooth enamel can be treated non-invasively by the ICON method, based on the principle of re-mineralization of the tooth enamel by application of various pastes rich in fluoride, resulting in the strengthening of the integrity of the tooth.

If the caries already penetrated the dentin, this method will no longer help. In such cases it is necessary to drill the caries out and fill the chamber with a composite or ceramic dental filling. Afterwards, the tooth is polished for the patient’s maximum comfort and treated with a fluoride paste.

 The sooner you visit the dentist, the easier the solution for your problem with caries will be.



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