Restoration of teeth
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The causes of teeth loss are various, from an unhealthy lifestyle or improper oral hygiene, through genetic predispositions, all the way to our specific medical condition and our injuries. The fact that we have already lost a tooth doesn’t mean we have to deal with it, either. Especially now, when dental prostheses evolved so much that you absolutely cannot tell the healthy tooth from the prosthesis anymore.


If there still is a healthy dental root in the gum, it is possible to place a crown on it or a bridge. If the root is missing, the only solution may be a dental implant.

Dental implants have become a standard solution to missing teeth. An implant is a functional substitution for a tooth (including its root), which – unlike the temporary or removable dental prosthetics – allows the patient to have a normal life without any complications or limitations. Each implant consists of a titanium root which is applied into the gum where the actual dental root used to be and of a ceramic crown placed onto this root.



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Frequently asked questions

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