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The “Med” clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, including a cephalostat. This apparatus is capable of capturing two types of images: orthopantomogram and teleroentgenogram.

An orthopantomogram enables the dentist to simultaneously assess the crowns, roots, and bone tissue of both the upper and lower jaw teeth. This aids in making accurate diagnoses and subsequently planning complex treatments effectively.

A teleroentgenogram provides frontal and lateral projections of the skull-face and skull-brain, which is particularly relevant during orthodontic treatment.

The dental department of the “Med” clinic is also equipped with a computer visiograph and an oral camera. A visiograph image of a single tooth allows for X-ray monitoring of all stages of dental treatment.

Additionally, the oral camera enables the dentist to document treatment stages and visualize them for the patient. This includes showcasing the initial condition of the tooth, the progression of treatment, and the final result.



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Frequently asked questions

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