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Filament lifting - face oval lifting
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Until recently, one could only dream of tightening “everything that is sagging” in one go and at the same time doing without serious surgery, anesthesia and scars. Today this has become possible with the help of a low-traumatic technique for tightening the skin and soft tissues of the face, which was kept secret by Brazilian aesthetic surgeons for a long time.

Features of the procedure

From now on, using special threads, without cuts or scars, you can:

  • tighten drooping eyebrows;
  • correct the oval of the face;
  • tighten your chin and neck;
  • smooth out nasolabial folds.

The result of a unique lift with Brazilian threads is immediate – you will see firmness and firmness right away! In just half an hour, drooping eyelids, cheeks, and nasolabial folds are lifted, a double chin is removed, and the shape of the nose changes. The effect of a lift with Brazilian threads lasts for 5-10 years, and the younger the patient, the longer the result lasts. Subsequently, the elasticity of tissues will gradually decrease due to age-related changes. The procedure can be repeated.


The recovery period is quite gentle. Swelling is insignificant, hematomas that occur only on sensitive skin disappear quickly. Doctors recommend taking antibiotics for a week to reduce the risk of inflammatory processes. Over the next two years, the biothreads gradually dissolve, stimulating the production of collagen, thanks to which the skin and tissues retain their elasticity for several years after the threads dissolve.




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Frequently asked questions

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