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Over the years, the skin of the face and body loses firmness and elasticity. The reason for this is a decrease in the production of the main proteins that are responsible for maintaining the “facial framework”, collagen and elastin. Microneedling RF lifting can slow down age-related changes, rejuvenate the skin and restore the level of collagen and elastin production. The procedure is aimed at:

  • improving skin texture, smoothing scars, correcting scars and post-acne, reducing stretch marks and removing spider veins;
  • fight wrinkles and improve complexion;
  • increasing skin firmness and elasticity
  • return of former radiance and youth.

About the method

The RF needle lifting method for the face is based on the principle of radio wave exposure to skin cells. Through micropunctures, a radiofrequency beam quickly and focusedly penetrates the skin, heats the cells to 40-45°C and stimulates their work.

At Mediaesthetic, fractional micro-needle RF lifting is performed using a certified original Secret RF device. The procedure is considered minimally invasive and does not require long-term recovery, is suitable for the skin of the face and body, and, if necessary, can be combined with other anti-aging manipulations.

Benefits of Secret RF lifting

  • High efficiency – the result is noticeable immediately after the session.
  • Painless – the procedure is absolutely comfortable, thanks to the anesthetic cream the patient feels almost nothing, skin damage is minimal.
  • Safety – risks of burns, bleeding, scars are excluded.
  • Long-term result – a course of three procedures will allow you to achieve a result that will please the patient for 2-2.5 years.
  • All-season – Secret fractional RF lifting can be performed at any time of the year, there are also no restrictions on skin type.

How does RF needle lifting work?

Needle RF lifting does not require any preliminary preparation. Before the procedure, the doctor applies an anesthetic cream and then makes special markings on the skin. An individual micro-needle attachment is installed on the device, which is used to treat the selected area. Lifting is tolerated easily and comfortably; during the procedure, the patient feels warmth and a slight tingling sensation.

Depending on the treatment area, the procedure lasts from 15 to 70 minutes. Immediately after lifting, redness and slight swelling of the skin are observed; these phenomena disappear within 4-7 days. To protect the skin from pigmentation after micro-needling RF lifting, it is recommended to use sunscreen with a high spf factor.




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Frequently asked questions

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